About Us

Hempworks International Consulting (HWIC), with a unique combination of talent and experience, has a combined industry impact of over 40 years.

Dating back to the 1990’s, our founders began their journey in helping people by creating a product that not only contains all of the medicinal benefits that nature intended but to produce this in its purest and most concentrated form. Through years of research and development in the cannabis industry, they could not find the equipment that they needed so they became engineers in the trade to build the very first commercial extraction system that can produce a TRUE Full Spectrum High Purity Honey Oil with a potency of 70%-90% that exactly matches the cannabinoid, terpene, and flavonoid profile of the original plant.

Due to their vast knowledge of the plant and the science behind the extraction, they were able to achieve this using just a single pass across the original biomass material, with ZERO post processing. This technology was a breakthrough as everything else that they found on the market does not compare in medicinal value and efficacy.

We truly believe that this plant is meant for healing not only humans but our pets as well. Our goal has always been to help deliver the extracted oil, which we like to refer to as "medicine", the way our bodies were created to receive it.

We are the only company in the world that has been able to combine World-Class Technology, FSHP (Full Spectrum High Purity) with commercial scalability.

Our technology is proudly designed and manufactured in North America. This proprietary pharma grade processing equipment was designed and built to meet premier GMP/EUGMP Class (Good Manufacturing Practices/European Good Manufacturing Practices) and the most exacting FDA food production standards.

With purity in mind, our technology allows you to preserve the full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids in its most concentrated form, this is what we call Full Spectrum High Purity FSHP. FSHP oil is the most sophisticated product on the market today as it allows you the versatility to choose what you want to administer in your user products. By having the full spectrum available in the acid form, you may choose to offer CBDA, CBGA or CBNA or decarboxylate the same FSHP oil to CBD, CBG, or CBN to provide to your consumers. The top selling feature of our oil is its beautiful appearance, smell, and taste. The clarity of our oil is comparable to distillate due to its high concentration of up to 90%, but the difference is in the taste and smell of our oil. We retain all the desirable components and rid of the undesirable components of the plant, so it is as enjoyable as the flower itself.

Other extraction methods today will only produce an inferior low-quality crude oil of less then 50% potency that contains undesirable components such as fats, lipids and chlorophyll. To gain a higher potency they would have to winterize this crude, decarboxylate and distill. These are all lengthy processes and only gives you one option for an end user product, Distillate. Distillate is less then desirable. The only selling feature of distillate is its high potency of CBD and clarity. The smell and taste are very off-putting and you will not have any adversity in regards to spectrum or acid form. For more information on the differences in these products, please refer to our Differences Whitepaper.

Our experience includes plant conservation, cultivation, extraction, and delivery methods for this medicine. The hunt to find true medicinal solutions from this powerful plant drove our founders to customize a product for each individual, to best suit their medicinal needs to successfully relieve many ailments, including; various forms of cancer, tumors, PTSD, seizures, skin conditions, migraines, eating disorders, Crohn's disease and more.

Today, we have applied our combined experience and knowledge towards this amazing plant to benefit the lives of millions of people around the world. We sell this technology to companies internationally that want to use our TRUE full spectrum oil in their products or produce our TRUE full spectrum oil for other companies wanting to create end user products.

Our "no heat" technology allows us to preserve the terpenes and flavonoids from the plant, achieving a less viscous consistency and a more natural taste.

This allows you to put our FSHP oil directly into a vape pen without having to add back in terpenes or any other harmful fillers as other companies in the market have done which not only can be harmful but lowers your potency in the end product. Our FSHP oil has a beautiful, natural taste that combines well with tinctures or edibles. Maintaining the plant profile makes our High Purity Oil smell and taste just like the original flower as nature intended it. It simply works as is.